Ladies Bags Buying guide

Designed for the beauty like you ! The bag you carry defines ocassion, mood & your personality.Find how to choose right Ladies Bags and from where.

Generally when it comes to style, women spend lots of hours trying to find best things for them. In concern with hand bags women really get excited and think that what different they should buy this time. Handbags now days are symbols of women’s taste.

Despite there are numerous of options available in marketplaces for women to purchase a bag of different shapes, several sizes, elegant color and even unique designs. Apart from that they think what will really suit them. Women’s should think about the things that suits them rather than the trend in the market. Don’t neglect your personal style too.


There are different categories in hand bags, but if we talk in a simple way, we can classify them in two styles- the hand bags or the shoulder bags.

Shoulder bags
come in different sizes and shapes. These handbags are spacious and are regularly carried out by every girl and women for office purpose for shopping and sometimes even for the fashion status. You can carry your cell phones, cosmetics, accessories, sunglasses, books, tablets, diary and even the wallets or handbags in it. One can keep approx multiple things in it at the same time for daily necessity.
are the kind of the clutches that we carry in our hand. However they are smaller in size than shoulder bags, So We can only keep keys, lipsticks, our identity cards in it.


When choosing out the hand bag to carry you must choose a hand bag accordingly.

For thin and tall girls they should opt for the bag with small strap as if you carry a bag with long strap you will look taller.

For Plus size- women should buy long and boxy bags which will help them to hide their curves. You can even carry printed bags with small prints over it.

For everyone- you can choose any bag of your choice that can suit you on every outfit. If you are buying several handbags be sure to buy at least one handbag of black or brown color foe every day use.

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Classifying bags in different categories

Hobo Bags
It comes in small to middle size semi-circular shape that can be carried on your solders easily and will be comfortable for you too. This kind of bags goes on the formal as well as on western dresses.
The tote bags
These are big sized bags made of clothes, leather or of any other soft material. These bags are mostly used for shopping or to carry your laptops.
They have a large top carrying strap and are featured as triangular shaped profile. You can carry them on your solders. These bags are mostly for picnic purpose and suits on western outfits. In simple way you can even call them jhola bags mostly found with hand work designs and mirrors on them too.
Simple Shoulder bags
These bags consist of a single or a couple of straps and wearers can carry numerous of items in it while shopping. They can be easily handled on the solders. These are easily available in different shapes and sizes; you can carry them on casual as well as formal wear.
Demi handbags
These bags have shot straps on the top to carry them. You can only handle them in your hands.
Shopper’s bag
As the name specifies these bags are especially for shopping purpose. They are spacious and have zip over the top. You can carry them with you while moving out for shopping or even for your travelling purpose. These bags are available in different colors and patterns; they have plastic lining in it to protect the bags from moisture.
Casual bags
These bags are slightly rounded shaped with edges and long straps to be carried out easily. They are made of leather and are famous all over the world. As they have common colors so you can carry them in any purpose and for last longing years.
Clutches are the handbags that can be handled in the hand only they are not spacious. Wearers can even tuk them in their arms. . Holding these kind of bags means one hand is always occupied. These goes best with sarees or party purpose.

There are many brands available in the markets like Gucci, prada etc. Simply opt for the color and size that suits you. You can opt for neutral colors like black, tan, grey, or even brown. It will be easily carried out by you in any season as well as on every dress u wear.

Things to be kept in mind while purchasing

Check out the interior linings in your bag. If there is heavy stuff applied then it will unnecessarily increase the weight age of your bag.

Go for leather or a fabric that looks like leather, the best part in leather bags are they will last for years as the fashion never ends.

Take a bag with a zip so that you can comfortably keep things in it.


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