Beauty Products Buying Guide

Beauty can not be defined, its a perception..Read this guide and change the perception about you..take care of yourself.

People are very much conscious about their skin. As your skin is a living organ so you need to take right care to make it shine lifelong. The right skin product can give your skin a fresh, soft and glittering appearance. Cosmetics have luckily provided a large range of products that can make you feel look beautiful and attractive.

There is a long list of the products available online regarding your beauty products. Starting up with Face creams, lotions, Cleansers, Scrubs, face packs, moisturizers, cleansers, body wash, body soaps, fragrances, deodorants, talcum, shaving lotions, after shaving lotions and lot more. You might be wondering which product will be best for you.

Generally there are four skin types: oily, dry, normal and combination. While purchasing your beauty product online you sometimes gets confused that it will suit your skin or not. Purchase the product according to your skin type. But if you are still unknown about your skin type we can surely help you to know about it easily.


Dry Skin

lack of moisture, few breakouts in your skin shows that you have a dry skin. It lacks in elasticity and is extremely sensitive in every weather like sun, wind even in winters too. For making your skin glowing you can use a cream based lotion to hydrate your skin and avoid toners and makeups that contain alcoholic ingredients in it.

Oily Skin

Oily skin generally shines but mostly people have pimples, blackheads and whiteheads when they have shiny skin. Your skin will absorb more dust so it’s necessary to was your face twice a day with warm water. You can make your skin glowing for long time by using non-forming gentle cleanser. Do not apply much moisturizer as it will make your skin oily.

Normal Skin

Skin is considered to be normal when it changes with the seasons i.e. your skin gets dryer in winters, oilier in summer. You can make your skin glow lifelong by taking proper care as you can was your face with cleansers that are especially for normal skin type.

Combination Skin

Combination skin comprises of two extreme skin types. If your skin is combined skin then it may be too oily or to some dry. You should use proper skin moisturizers that do not make your skin infected or even may concern with skin care doctors.

Sensitive Skin

Generally there are four types of skin but your skin becomes sensitive when some allergic reaction happens from some beauty products. Sensitive skin can reflect some redness, rashes, acne or inflammation. You can get rid of sensitive skins by using the products which are fragnance free.

When you came to know about your skin type now you can use beauty products for your skin that may add more beauty on for face and you look glamorous. Make your skin glowing and add marvelous make-up that suits you. These are some beauty products that should be used according to the weather. This article will surely help you to find right product for your skin type. Let us know about every product to apply.


Beauty schedule mostly starts with a good cleanser. Cleansing your face with a good cleaner will make your skin feel fresh and shining. While selecting a cleanser for your face set up your mind to purchase the cleanser that will remover dirt, oil, makeup without taking off natural moisture from your skin. If you have dry skin choose creamy cleansers that will add moisture in your skin but if you have oily skin buy an oil free cleanser.


Moisturizers are to be used after cleansing your face. Moisturizers are mainly thick and heavy that will perfectly work in dry and normal skin, if you have oily skin use oil free moisturizers. Moisturizers even have SPF for sun protection. You can select them in summers as well in winters too.

Sun Screen

Sun screen lotions are generally used in summers when your skin gets infected with the sun rays. While moving out in the sun, get into a habit to apply sun screen lotion with minimum SPF 15 to 30 protections daily. It will help your skin to protect from sunburn

Anti- aging creams

These creams are applied at bed time. Anti-aging creams also include cleansers, day creams, serums, scrubs and makeup to. Common anti aging creams have hydroxyl acids.


scrubs and cleansers mostly remove dead skin cells’ from your skin. There are different scrubs with small particles that remove dusts and clean your face. Avoid scrub if you have sensitive skin.

Body wash or bubble bath

Bubbles look pretty when you take bath in bathtubs but they are not good for your skin. There are some detergents added to form bubbles they can make your skin dry. . Select soft forming body wash to make your skin soft and fresh.

Face wash

Face wash are mainly used whenever we wash our face. It refreshes and awakens the skin. There are many kinds of face wash available from moisturizing, dry skin, oily skin, or even for sensitive skin. Some face washes even have scrubs to make dead cells of skin active but it is recommended only for the normal, dry and oily skin.

Make up removers

it is not a good idea to remove your makeup with cleansers as they may cause irritation in your skin. Make up removers are usually oil based and will quickly and gently remove makeup from your skin. Once you have removed eye and face makeup from your skin you can wipe up your face with clean soft towel or with cotton and water.

Face masks

Face masks are used to deeply clean, moisturize and make your skin feel relaxed and bright. Cream masks are great for dry skin and masks that contain clay are best for oily. The clay can help too balance and absorb excess oil from your skin. For normal skin you can try masks that contain fruit acids, or firming masks that will add glow in your skin.

After shave lotions

Men’s have to shave twice or thrice in a week. It’s necessary to make your skin gentle after you have finished shaving. After shave lotions hydrates and soothes the skin. Your after shave lotion should be alcohol free.

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Things to be kept in mind while purchasing online.

However buying the beauty product online can give you ample number of options but it is important to choose right product. Some essential tips to buy the product

Read the Ingredients- Its necessary that before buying the products read the ingredients carefully. It is not essential that the expensive product that you are going to purchase will suit your skin.

Use SPF based moisturizers- You can use SPF based creams and moisturizers in any season. Make sure that your face or body lotion protects you from UVA and UVB rays.

Be gentle- your skin is a delicate part. So avoid over cleansing and do not use scrub daily. This may cause rashes or irritation in your skin. If you are feeling that your skin is having irritation kindly concern with the doctor.

Take your time- There is a long list of products available in front of you. Devote the time to think that what kind of product will suit on your skin.

Look at the expiry dates- Whenever buying a product for your skin you should check that the product should have the manufacturing as well as expiry date printed on the bottle or the cover.

Sealed pack- Do not use any product that is not packed properly or sealed. Compare prices- Check and compare the online prices. If there is huge difference between the prices you should check that the product is legitimate or not.


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