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The Time piece ! a machine made to run our show that add values to our personality.Read what to consider when buying your master peice

Watches are known to be an expensive instrument that is to be wrapped on the wrists. Moreover it is not only considered to be a wrist accessory but also included as an individual lifestyle. Many watch companies have designed elegant and stylish wristwatches containing different features, calendars, heart monitors, looks, pattern, digital cameras etc. While buying online watches for yourself or to gift someone, always look for a unique featured watch that will suit the personality and life style of the person who is going to wear it.

When it comes to buying the right watch for men or for a women, lot many questions may arise in mind that what is the purpose of buying a watch? How much amount we have to spend to purchase a wrist watch? When will you wear that watch? Sometimes we even have to decide the main purpose of buying a watch. Before heading out to take a wrist watch for yourself you can set up your mind by getting answers of these simple questions.

Categorizing watches according to analog, digital, analog-digital, chronograph watch and mechanical watch.

Analog watches

Analog watches have a face that holds hour and minute hand. It has numbers, dots, markers or even the roman numbers that displays 12 hours of a day. These analog watches are considered to be carried like a wrist accessory on formals and business events. The case of the analog watches can be round, rectangular, square or even a polygonal.

Digital watches

Digital watches have LED (light emitting diode) or LCD (liquid crystal display) face that displays exact numeric numbers in the form of hours and minutes( like 9:00, 1:30, and 2:15 etc). You can carry these watches on your wrists with casual wear. These watches are powered by small ultra watch battery.

Analog- digital watches

Analog- digital watches are even known as anit-digi quartz watches. It has both numeric and digital face. You can wear these watches on any attire. They can have simple looks or even cartoon characters shapes, or even sports theme. These are most probably liked by school going kids.

Chronograph watches

Chronograph watches are one of the most popular watches that guys really want. These watches have gathered much interest in timeframes as they offer more than one way to measure time. The main features of these watches are that they record the elapsed seconds, minutes and the hours. Mostly in all such watches the large second hand is a chronograph hand while the normal seconds are shown in one of the sub register. In simple way we can say that there are three sub dials in to the main dial. These watches are available in many designs including luxury, casual and sports watches.

Mechanical watches

last for years and are wound on the wrist, these are powered by array of gears and springs these watches are result of superior craftsmanship time peace. Mechanical watches a are more expensive than quartz watches. The main difference between quartz and mechanical watches are that quartz watches are powered by small ultra watch battery and these mechanical watches are self charging power source and gets power up by winding action.

Differentiating watches according to strap and bracelet materials

Many watch company’s focuses on the designs and looks of the wrist watches. Always select wristwatch by considering the design style, face looks and the durability. Consideration can even be done according to the type of band you have to wrap on your wrist. The straps of the watches can change the complete looks of the timepiece. Basically there are two types of categorization in the type of the band. Straps wrists watch are composed f rubber, leather and plastic while on the other bracelets watches have metal chains on wrists watch. Watches may have classic, stylish or sophisticated look. Even watches may include diamonds and precious stones to make your timepiece looks traditional and unique.

Aluminum wrist watches are multipurpose and easy affordable by everyone.

Stainless steel watch bands are strong and durable to be carried everyday on your wrists.

Carbon fiber wristwatch is mainly of dark gray or black color band. They are little expensive in compared to stainless steel and aluminum wristwatch.

Titanium wristwatches are light in weight and are more durable than stainless steel watches. Most of the titanium watches are scratch resistant.

Platinum wristwatches are luxury watches made from durable and attractive metal. It suits on any outfit you wear.

Gold wristwatches are much more expensive in compared to all. They have standard looks and unique pieces are available in white yellow or rose gold.

Rubber wristwatches are mainly sports and fashion watches mainly availably in many different styles and colors. These watches have rubber or plastic wristbands. These watches are light in weight, easy affordable and are mostly liked by kids and teens.

Leather wristwatches are great for casual wear and are even comfortable in comparison to chain/ bracelet watches. They are step ahead than rubber wristwatches. Many expensive watches are also available in leather straps.

BRAND When decided out the style of the wrist band the next step is to think about the brand. In this competitive era many of the companies offer the selective price range for their consumers. Branded companies like Fasttrack, Rolex, Titan, Timex, Maxima, Q&Q,Omega, Panerai, Bremont, fossil, guess, FCUK, Diesel, Sonata, Tommy Hilfiger, Armitron etc. Buyers still have plenty of options to choose watch according to their use.

SIZE & SHAPE Even the size and shape of the dial matters. Wrist watches comes in different shapes and sizes like round, rectangular, square, oval or even a polygonal. You can select it according to your personality as if you are having thin wrist you can select small dials for your wrist and skinny wrists people should opt for medium sized or big dials.

HOW MUCH TO SPENDThe design and patterns only matters when you are opting out for branded watches. Decide your budget that how much amount you have to spend to purchase a watch.


Purchasing an online wristwatch is indeed a good option. But while purchasing the expensive timepiece for your wrist research about the basic things-

Seller’s feedback- lot many companies are offering many stylish wristwatches in every price range but before selecting the watch look on the consumer’s feedback. There should be the higher percentage of positive response of the consumers who have already purchased the product from the seller. Also view the complete transactions of the seller so that you can get complete satisfaction.

Discounts- The best facility while option for online purchase is the discount offers. Before you bargain with the seller you can get plenty of discount offers that will suit your pocket and you will save much amount.

Water resistant- this is the main feature to be kept in mind before adding any watch in your wish list. Water resistant watches could be worn every day. The water resistance depth is described on the back of the dial.

Final price- carefully read the details that how much amount you have to pay on the delivery of the product. No hidden cost should be there. If you are purchasing a high amount watch make sure that the seller even has the COD (Cash on deliver) OR EMI option.

Watch crystal- this is the transparent frame/ cover that protects the watch. Opt for the scratch resistant case so that you can wear your watch for years. Keeping all such things in your mind can guide you to get better wristwatch to gift someone or for yourself. Start shopping to get best deals on watches.


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